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Thursday, February 28, 2013


This week in class we talked about directories such as DMOZ and how they differ from search engines and what advantages and disadvantages they bring. We also talked about spiders, bots and web crawlers. How they search the internet for pages using links form one site to another, and how you can put code into your web page that instructs them not to view certain unfinished pages of yours. They will usually ignore these pages but they don't have any obligation to do so.

                 Also mentioned was sponsored links provided by google. How they are clearly marked as sponsered links as opposed to the normal web search results displayed prominently on any google page. Alternate search engines were mentioned such as Bing and Altavista but even with unlimited resources poured into any search engine's development it's unlikely any will catch up or realistically rival google. It turns out that any google search does not search the internet, but a saved time point of a relevant section,  that relates to the search. 

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