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Thursday, February 21, 2013


This week we were introduced to file transfer protocol, otherwise know as FTP. We were shown many of the commands we would need to use to transfer files to a server and also how to remove or copy files. We implemented this is the lab, to varing degrees of sucess. Below is the link to my website.


We also taked about the google online marketing challenge and broke up into groups. Here is the team i joined.
Dream Team                www.auto-spa.ie
Piotr Kawalec piotr.kawalec@mycit.ie
Rokas Lukosevicius
Tracy Nixon
Michael Mahoney
Keith Halpin

Over the weekend i will have a more detailed look at the google online marketing challenge website and try to come up with some question to put forward to our client.
We also had to complete a  NewsU.org Online Course and do a short quiz at the end. It was quite interesting.

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