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Thursday, February 28, 2013


This week in class we talked about directories such as DMOZ and how they differ from search engines and what advantages and disadvantages they bring. We also talked about spiders, bots and web crawlers. How they search the internet for pages using links form one site to another, and how you can put code into your web page that instructs them not to view certain unfinished pages of yours. They will usually ignore these pages but they don't have any obligation to do so.

                 Also mentioned was sponsored links provided by google. How they are clearly marked as sponsered links as opposed to the normal web search results displayed prominently on any google page. Alternate search engines were mentioned such as Bing and Altavista but even with unlimited resources poured into any search engine's development it's unlikely any will catch up or realistically rival google. It turns out that any google search does not search the internet, but a saved time point of a relevant section,  that relates to the search. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013


This week we were introduced to file transfer protocol, otherwise know as FTP. We were shown many of the commands we would need to use to transfer files to a server and also how to remove or copy files. We implemented this is the lab, to varing degrees of sucess. Below is the link to my website.


We also taked about the google online marketing challenge and broke up into groups. Here is the team i joined.
Dream Team                www.auto-spa.ie
Piotr Kawalec piotr.kawalec@mycit.ie
Rokas Lukosevicius
Tracy Nixon
Michael Mahoney
Keith Halpin

Over the weekend i will have a more detailed look at the google online marketing challenge website and try to come up with some question to put forward to our client.
We also had to complete a  NewsU.org Online Course and do a short quiz at the end. It was quite interesting.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This week we talked about patents, trade marks and trade secrets. A patent is similar to copyright only you need to take action and actually get one from the government preventing others from using your invention for 20 years.
                Trademarks are usually a distinctive sign or logo but can also be a sound or character. Trademarks are often registered but don't have to be. Trade secrets i.e coke-cola's secret recipe must have reasonable steps taken to keep it secret. In doing this it remains a trade secret and nobody else may use it.
        We also talked about sampling in music and were asked to decide what in our opinion constitutes fair use of sampling music and what is just blantant exploitation, basically what works involving sampling would be an original work involving samples and what is very derivative.

       The following song from p.diddy uses a riff from led zepplin's kasmir. It features jimmy page from led zepplin so he must aprove. I personally think it's not a great song despite the sample and that kashmir is a classic. In my opinion it is fair usage as clearly jummy page was involved, and must have been paid for his original work. Yet if no steps had been taked to involve him then it would have been highly unfair and would constitute profiting from someone else's work.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


This week in class we talked about copyright, what constitutes a viable piece of work that can be copywritten and what cannot. I never knew that you didn't have to do anything specific to copyright your material only get it down on paper, voice recording etc and idealy with a way to prove that you created it before someone else did. We also talked about how copyright used to be governed by each country but with the internet and cloud computing it has become almost impossible to say any work online belongs and obeys the rules of a certain country.
Also whenever I think of copyright it makes me think of this video from the it crowd a few years back :)

Monday, February 4, 2013


Ever since Quentin Tarantino's first fully fledged movie burst onto our screens over 20 years ago in a flood of attention grabbing blood, violence, nail bitting tension and uniquely sharp dialogue I have always exitedly looked forward to spending more time drinking in the unreal world of tarantino movies.

From the relatively low budget of $1.2 Reservoir Dogs right through to his lavish $70 million dolllars spent making Inglorious Basterds I have loved every single movie.
So when i knew Django Unchained was coming out soon I couldn't wait to see it, despite being slightly disapointed by parts of Inglorious Basterds, (brad pitts peformance was the only low point) I knew that even a tarantino movie that didn'y reach the dizzying height of Pulp Fiction would still be one of the best movies of the year.

And I wasn't dissapointed, Django Unchained starts out slow building the back story of django and setting up the two main character's (django and dr king schultz's bounty hunter) unlikely alliance. It was interesting but didn't feel like a tarantino movie until almost a third of the way into the westeren epic when django kills his first bounty and things take off. From them on things get very enjoyable, django swaggers through the movie working with dr schultz in tracking down and collecting the bounties on numerous outlaws throughout the winter as agreed upon. In exchange for helping the bounty hunter that freed him django will gain his help in tracking down and releasing his lost love and wife broomhilda. Once they reach her and there plan starts to come to fruition that's when things heat up and it's this last hour and abit of the movie that really stands out. To say any more about it would be to spoil the enjoyment of discovering for yourself. Go out today and see the first really good movie of the year.