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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A line allows progress

The bartender lines up as many shots of southern comfort as the contents of my wallet can afford and taking a breath i dive in. Each shot quickly knocked back pulls me deeper in, by the seventh shot i'm drowning in the liquid goodness and i'm starting to smirk to myself.
I'm stumbling out onto the street and heading for the atm. Passing a group of girls in short skirts i'm mumble something about belts i find incredible witty but only get confused stares back.I'm facing the cash machine and after rifling through my wallet i whip out the bankcard and slide it into the machine.
I think to myself that's a pretty sweet life to have my bank card gets to be kept warm in a nice dry leather wallet all day and is only taken out to slide in and out of slots, and get swiped.
Struggling to read the letters on the screen i squint my eyes and can just about make it out. After what seems like ages i collect the entire contents of my bank account which doesn't add up to much, but because i intend to spend it all tonight it doesn't matter it's enough to get me what i want.
It's just a short walk to the place i want to visit and having made an appointment earlier on i only have to worry about being on time. I walk briskly and make it in plenty of time. The bouncer lets me in dispite my drunkeness beacause i'm a regular and i have one more quick one before heading upstairs.

The room smells of lavender and fabric softner, not my favourite things to smell but i'm betting it beats the rooms previous odour. The bed is a basic king sized bed, white cotton sheets and dark red covers. The only thing remarkable about it is the almost naked woman spread across it with a look of invitation and slight bored draped on her now slowly aging face.
My guess is 38 or 39, not quite 40 but still passing for a 30 year old to most. She calls me over and as i undress i edge towards her mesmerized by her large naked breasts. I crawl naked on top of her and start sucking on her nipples slowly, switching between them. She moans slightly as i bite gently. Then being pushed onto my back she crawls slowly down my body kissing every inch till she's at my balls. Closing my eyes i feel her take my balls in her mouth an gently suck before switching to my dick. This is why i always go for amber she's always thorough and knows exactely how to please me.
I 'm getting quite hard now but am not quite there so when she climbs ontop i'm not easing into her. I try not to think about my other destination for tonight as thats probably distracting me. She squeezes me hard up and down and it feels great and we try again but this time the same.
I open my eyes and look up and with a determined look on her face, she leans into me and whispers in my ear slowly 'fuck my wet pussy and make me scream baby'. And trying one more time she climbs ontop but it's just not happening.
'Your gonna pay me for me time!' she barks.
'Yes of coarse' i timidly reply and fumbling for my wallet i shamefully hand her the cash. As i quickly dress and pray for time to speed up she calls after me with a more gently tone 'mabye next time baby i'll give you the night of your life okay? just lay off the drink first k'
'Yep next time' i mumble as i hurry out the door. And out on the street i laugh dryly to myself 'sure next time'.

Not too long after later im slowly climbing the stairs to the roof of the abandoned offices. I think it used to be a busy call center buzzing with heated yet restrained arguements from frustrated customers to non caring yet polite call center workers but now the only noise is the rhythm of my feet clanking off the steps and the only conversation is within me asking myself do i really wat to do this.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

So long twenties

Well i turned 30 today and feel so old, i'll have to get a walking stick, start eating worthers original and watching prime time soon :P
My only regret is everything! guess i'm not dead yet gotta keep on keeping on like a bird that flew tangled up in blue....

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Direction

Well iv'e started and stoped this blog so many times. I always write something about how a date went good or bad (mostly horrendiously bad) and end up deleted the post when i realise how pathetic i sound and therefore am. So from now on i think i'll change the direction of this blog that so far as no followers *Sheds a tear*

Demetri Martin Quote

An ex girlfriend is like an okay movie, you liked it at the time but don't wanna see it again.
Especially if the movie was kind of a bitch.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Okay i finally got a cheap laptop and decided i'd start blogging. I 'll more than likely use this to talk about my pathetic life in too much detail while hiding behind my relative annonymity. So if you enjoy knowing things about strangers over the internet this is the blog for you :P