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Monday, February 4, 2013


Ever since Quentin Tarantino's first fully fledged movie burst onto our screens over 20 years ago in a flood of attention grabbing blood, violence, nail bitting tension and uniquely sharp dialogue I have always exitedly looked forward to spending more time drinking in the unreal world of tarantino movies.

From the relatively low budget of $1.2 Reservoir Dogs right through to his lavish $70 million dolllars spent making Inglorious Basterds I have loved every single movie.
So when i knew Django Unchained was coming out soon I couldn't wait to see it, despite being slightly disapointed by parts of Inglorious Basterds, (brad pitts peformance was the only low point) I knew that even a tarantino movie that didn'y reach the dizzying height of Pulp Fiction would still be one of the best movies of the year.

And I wasn't dissapointed, Django Unchained starts out slow building the back story of django and setting up the two main character's (django and dr king schultz's bounty hunter) unlikely alliance. It was interesting but didn't feel like a tarantino movie until almost a third of the way into the westeren epic when django kills his first bounty and things take off. From them on things get very enjoyable, django swaggers through the movie working with dr schultz in tracking down and collecting the bounties on numerous outlaws throughout the winter as agreed upon. In exchange for helping the bounty hunter that freed him django will gain his help in tracking down and releasing his lost love and wife broomhilda. Once they reach her and there plan starts to come to fruition that's when things heat up and it's this last hour and abit of the movie that really stands out. To say any more about it would be to spoil the enjoyment of discovering for yourself. Go out today and see the first really good movie of the year.

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