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Thursday, February 14, 2013


This week we talked about patents, trade marks and trade secrets. A patent is similar to copyright only you need to take action and actually get one from the government preventing others from using your invention for 20 years.
                Trademarks are usually a distinctive sign or logo but can also be a sound or character. Trademarks are often registered but don't have to be. Trade secrets i.e coke-cola's secret recipe must have reasonable steps taken to keep it secret. In doing this it remains a trade secret and nobody else may use it.
        We also talked about sampling in music and were asked to decide what in our opinion constitutes fair use of sampling music and what is just blantant exploitation, basically what works involving sampling would be an original work involving samples and what is very derivative.

       The following song from p.diddy uses a riff from led zepplin's kasmir. It features jimmy page from led zepplin so he must aprove. I personally think it's not a great song despite the sample and that kashmir is a classic. In my opinion it is fair usage as clearly jummy page was involved, and must have been paid for his original work. Yet if no steps had been taked to involve him then it would have been highly unfair and would constitute profiting from someone else's work.


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Cool ahead of the game for week three.

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