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Monday, July 19, 2010

First time...p3

I gaze out the window at absolutely nothing for a few mins and when i steal a quick subtle glance from the blonde she too is staring nonchalantely out her window facing the other direction. Thinking to myself that i should just go back to sleep and stop gaucking at this poor girl i turn my head away again only to notice that even though her jacket is covering her lap from my angle i can just about see her hand gently moving between her legs. At first i think im imaging it, it can't be. But moving over one seat i get a better look and yes she is moving her hand around her crotch. It wouldn't be noticable if i wasn't staring right at it.
She looks back towards me again but i look away sharply yet this time i dont turn completely i keep my head at an angle so out of the corner of my eye i can just make her out. It's definetely now she is staring at me and touching her self. I have no idea why i'm average looking at best and she is stunning, to intimidate me? for the thrill of staring at a stranger without getting caught or for the pure hell of it? Either way it's happening and is starting to arouse me. Entirely out of character i turn back towards her and hold her gaze this time she doesn't turn away, we two strangers staring boldly at each other on this dark secluded train battling for supremecy willing the other to either cower or do the unexpect and continue this strange encounter.
Feeling brave for some reason mabye because of the blood rushing to a certain part of my body i let me hand wander down to the buttons on my jeans and after a deep breath i unbutton the first. It seems to go unoticed so i continue, the secound falls open then the third each one seems to be a deafening bang of exlposion to me yet is silent to her. Finally the last button falls open to reveal my blood filled member and at last the expression on her face changes, she bites her lip roughly lets out a moan and her hand moves rapidly now. The coat falls from her lap and everything is on show now.
Two fingers thrust deep inside her frantically and her moans at first almost silent are noticable now. Faster and faster her fingers move as she almost growls towards me before biting her lip violentely closing her eyes throwing her head back and arching her back she gasps and then almost makes a satisfied sound almost like a purr. Eyes still closed she grins hapilly to herself until a few secounds later she opens her eyes looks back towards me and my exposed yet untouched member and in afraction of a secound becomes incredibly embarassed. Hurrieldly she tidies her self open grabs her handbag and fallen coat from the dirty floor and begins speeding into the next carriage.
Her high heeled footsteps seem to be the booming sound calling an end to this lustful late night affair as my heart sinks with each step. And yet as the footsteps slow down and she looks back over her shoulder and my still exposed and throbbing member my heart beats faster as she passes for a secound with a thought full look on her face as she decides her next move. With a smile she makes her decision and those high heels move rapidly towards me.....
In a matter of secounds she has pounced and is stradling my lap and sliding herself down onto my hardness, her eyes violent with exitement as she takes me in. A quite moan from her lips and were off rushing out of the traps as she moves on me at speed.
As fast as she rides me at first she only seems to get faster and faster, i find it hard to look away from this only able to tear my eyes away to gaze upon her lustful face and look around to make sure no passengers from another carriage enter and interupt us, please no not now this pleasure can't be interrupted now i couldn't take it.
I take her waist in my hands gripping tight as she moves frantically yet smoothly over me, her eyes close she bites her lip tightly now as she lets out a low long groan and i feel my lap awash with her liquid exitement. Her eyes still shut tight and her face and body as motionless as a statue i look longinly up at this strange and beautiful woman wondering who she is and how did i get so lucky this night. Suddlenly her eyes open a big satified grin on her face as she leans in close to my ear and says 'hi i'm jenny'

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