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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Traffic mabye? he could be caught in rush hour traffic possibly,althought not at this time of night. I slowly pace up the pavement each foot step slow and resounding like the slow tick of the hand on a clock. He might've got caught up at work doing some unexpected overtime, but at 9.22 that would be over three hours of overtime!
I take the phone out of my pocket and check to see if iv'e received any new texts, no not one.
Three youths in hoodies, two guys about seventeen or eighteen and a young girl around sixteen hang around on the nearby bench which makes me very uneasy. I'm sure wearing a hooded top while hanging out with your mates is no reason to jump to conclusions but to me i'm always convinced that i will be the next mornings headline : LOCAL GIRL MUGGED AND BEATEN BY YOUTHS or LOCAL GIRL BRUTAL RAPED FOUND DEAD IN BUSHES or STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN BRUTALLY BEATEN AND GANG RAPED BY VICIOUS THUGS okay mabye not the most likely of headlines but possible.
I run out of patience and try calling him, the phone just rings out and one of the youths eyes me up. I don't know wheter to be angry with darragh or scared of this guy eying me up, i go with anger the overiding emotion at this minute. Another twenty minutes goes by, ten minutes of pacing, worrying, the ocasional look and laugh from this once frightening but now annoying threesome. The gang get up and slowly walk away,and this leaves me more room to pace up and down the pavement past the bench before circling back. Each time i consider continuing walking and heading home but i turn back convinced that as soon as i leave he will turn up and i will have stupidly have missed him.
In the distance i see his car coming towards me, a wave of releif washes over me. I wasn't stood up he's finally here, and then the anger sets in. Why was he so late? he better have a damn good reason for making me wait or i'm gonna give him hell. The car pulls closer only it's not his car, it's the same make, same colour same year and even the guy driving it looks like him only older and not as good looking. DAMN IT!! I feel like such an idiot. Anger and embarassment coarse through my body in equal measures and i don't know wheter it's the embarrasment of this or the anger at the situation iv'e let him put me through but i don't wait a secound longer, my feet are pounding down the pavement as fast as they can carry me.

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