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Monday, April 19, 2010

First time...p2

I slide my hand up and down speeding up unable to slow down until suddenly a strange and frightening sensation washes over me. I feel as if i need to pee and i rush to the bathroom and hope its not blood that comes out as i fear that i might have broken something by doing this thing that surely nobody has ever done before.Then this white milky substance explodes out of me and it feels unbeleivable, even falling stunbling to the ground doesn't seem to hurt and i lie there breathless on the the cold bathroom floor half naked with my eyes closed the biggest smile on my face.
For the next week i would spend almost every waking hour alone in my room fascinated by my new discovery. I couldn't beleive that i had never tried this before, after those first few weeks suddenely my new discovery became just another part of my life, like the need to eat or sleep everyday. It still felt amazing but nothing could compare to the thrill of my first time. Years later i wouldsearch and come close to discovering that thrill again with new sexual experiences. The first time i had sex the feel of soft wetness against me, the moans and look of pleasure on her face that i was causing to happen. The first time in my car where the thrill of getting caught by the cars passing every few minutes was such an adrenline rush, the quiet country lane we were parked on didn't offer much privacy if a car decided to suddenly stop there. Then there was the first time i actually did get caught in that car months later, the mad scramble to pull on clothes and hurriedly drive away, more of a thrill for me and an embarassing mortifying situation for her. I came close to capturing the thrill those few times but it wasn't until i was much older and jaded and searching for a new thrill did i find something extraordinary.
It was coming home late one sunday night, the train was almost abandoned bar two or three people on each carriage. I choose the one empty carriage at the back of the train and resting my head against the window under my jacket i closed my eyes and attempted to catch a quick sleep. The vibrations of the moving carriage was quite relaxing and i was fallen asleep quickly, only opening my eyes occasionally. Nobody got on for ages and i drifted off so when i finally opened my eyes again i was surprised to see this young blonde beauty looking straight at me. She looked away quickly when confronted with my sleepy stare back.

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