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Saturday, May 4, 2013


Search Engine Optimization was discussed again. First topic to be mentioned was description meta tags, and how we should use simple to understand URLs to convey content information easily on our websites. Creating a simple directory structure was recomended, along with using keywords in our URLs to help acheive a higher google ranking.
Only using one URL for a page is best as otherwise the google ranking can be split. If location is important then using a local address such as http://www.daft.ie/ is recommended. Your site should use well formed HTML or XHTML code and easy to read text. Anchor text sets up links to other pages or sites, and using keywords in the actually link is best.
Avoid puting text in images. You can use robots.txt to get a search engine to ignore unfinished pages of your website, but more secure methods of hiding sensitive data should be used.
In the second class blogs were talked about, how they were precursors to other more popular social media. Anyone can create a blog but not everyone will find an audience. Social media has had a large inpact on how our modern society communicates, twitter has become a faster way of breaking news than news channels. I personally don't watch much news on tv, prefering to use my twitter feed to find interesting stories and online articles.

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