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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Finally Here

Well, the exams have come and gone. No more stressing out trying to remember the formula for a poisson distribution or how to say how many people are in my family in italian (Nella mia familglia ci sone sette persone) btw.
                   Time to relax, turn off the brain and concentrate on losing weight and getting fit for the summer. I have been getting into running this year, started out with the CIT fun run 5k  back in april, which i did in 40 mins or so. Which is very slow but i was glad to just complete it.
  Next up was due to be the  http://www.todayfm.com/shows/weekdays/ray-darcy-show/JoinRayFor5K.aspx but in the end i was so broke that week with my 2 months rent due that i couldn't afford the petrol money to killarney and back :(
After this i decided to do the 4 mile part of the Cobh annually 10 mile run. I did that in 42 mins and was very happy with that. And the third and final race ive done so far was The Cheetah Run (4 Mile) in Fota which i managed in 37 mins and 13 seconds, alot faster than i was expecting. Just signed up for a 10k in late July so i'll be training for that over the coming weeks.

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