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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love is.....

''Love is a cruel game, there are unseen rules that you only learn with the blow of betrayal and the sting of regection. When you love you hand someone the keys to your heart and silently ask them to protect it, to keep it in a safe place and tirelessly guard it sheltered from harm.
Yet this act of trust leaves you vunerable, it gives someone complete power over you to raise you up and make you feel like a king with a tender stolen kiss on a winters night or to break and shatter you into frail pieces with just a handfull of unexpected words.
I sometimes think god is a malevolent trickster handing you happyness for the sole purpose of tearing it away from you when you come to need it most, laughing all the while at his cleverness and your stupidity.''
'' You done drowning in that pool of selfpity?''
''If you are i have something to show you that i think your really gonna enjoy, and damn do you need it boy haha, you ready?''
''Em i guess so...''

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